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Board of Directors


Wendell H. Fields

Executive Director

League Commissioner


Virgil L. Pittman, Jr.


Kathey Rush-Germany


Bilal S. Akram

Public Relations 

Myra ReGina Collins


Position Open

Grant Manager

Nate Gray

Community Development

Advisory Board

Aljay Bettis III

Kathryn Parks

Mayor Ben Holbert

Mayor Brad Sellers

Zack Reed

Greg Cameron

Desmond Howard

John Barnes Jr.

Honorary Board Member


Ken Ferguson (2021)

Roy Rush Sr. (2022)

Mary Rush (2022)

Thomas Roper (2022)

Virgil Pittman Sr. (2023)

Alumni Page

Spectator Rules


  1. Please conduct yourselves as adults at all times while watching our games. Our children our watching our every move.

  2. Absolutely no cussing, foul language and arguing with other spectators, coaches or umpires.

  3. No alcoholic beverages or illegal chemicals/drugs are permitted at our field. Cleveland Police will patrol our fields regularly.

  4. No Smoking around the baseball diamonds.

  5. Please do not shout out instruction to your child while they are on the diamond. This will distract your child from paying total attention to the coach and game. (Your job is to encourage and cheer.)

  6. We have a zero tolerance policy for any unfit behavior by spectators, coaches and players.

  7. Please do not take offence to our coaches giving directions to your child.While they are on the diamond….They belong to B Buzz coaching staff.

  8. No playing loud music from your cars during the games.

  9. No firearms or weapons permitted at any time. 

Tickets go to:
The Valents

Dad coaches and all 3 kids play! Check it out!
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