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 B Buzz Baseball League 
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Board of Directors


Wendell H. Fields

Executive Director

League Commissioner


Virgil L. Pittman, Jr.


Kathey Rush-Germany


Bilal S. Akram

Public Relations 

Myra ReGina Collins


Position Open

Grant Manager

Nate Gray

Community Development

Advisory Board

Aljay Bettis III

Kathryn Parks - Fields

Mayor Ben Holbert

Mayor Brad Sellers

Zack Reed

Greg Cameron

Desmond Howard

John Barnes Jr.

Honorary Board Member


Ken Ferguson (2021)

Roy Rush Sr. (2022)

Mary Rush (2022)

Thomas Roper (2022)

Virgil Pittman Sr. (2023)

Nate Currie (2024

Willie Currie (2024)

The future of B-Buzz Baseball League.....our plans, our vision. For more information please call 216-712-2721. Click HERE for more details and
for direct information from the League Commissioner.

Let's Play Ball!

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to promote self-performance improvement through athletic fundamentals, teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, integrity, and sportsmanship all while enjoying the game of baseball. Our main purpose is to use baseball as a vehicle to foster positive character development, academic  achievement, and improve the health among the youth living in our community. We strive to produce superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

OUR VISION: B-Buzz Baseball League’s vision for the 21st century is a state-of-the-art youth baseball complex designed to fulfill the league’s mission and bring the community together through the sport of baseball.


OUR HISTORY: Founded in the late 1950's, B-Buzz Baseball League was an integral part of many young men’s lives in  the Lee-Harvard community. Fast forward to 1969 – Lee-Harvard’s rapid transformation to a  predominantly African American middle-class neighborhood prompted a group of parents and  community members to continue the league long after its original participants moved away. For more  than 15 years after relocating to Charles W. Eliot fields in 1969, five age divisions comprised of young  men ages 8 to 17, played baseball almost every day during the summer months. At one time, close to  300 youth participated in B-Buzz Baseball League which produced quite a few notable Cleveland  citizens in the process.


By the early 1980s, the league started to dissolve and the young men that played were well on their  way to becoming community leaders, professional athletes, and successful businessmen themselves. In 2013, after over 30 years of absence from the ballpark, a newly formed Board of Directors  consisting of former alumni decided to re-establish the B Buzz Baseball League, thus, creating it as a  501c3 non-profit organization. Wendell Fields and the board built the league with the same integrity,  character, and virtue that they were provided during their youth.  The goal is to resurrect the game of baseball for the youth of the Lee Harvard/Miles/Warrensville Hts.  and surrounding communities just as it was in the past.

In 2013, 2014 & 2015 we registered 24 players each of those years, in 2016 we introduced our first Tee-Ball  age division and registered a total of 52 players within our two age divisions. We maintained this enrollment number of players until 2019 when the Covid 19 pandemic struck us all.  Our staff was determined and dedicated to continuing our growth and in 2021 we registered over  122 players and created 10 teams in 3 different age brackets. 

As we move into the 2023 season, we are forecasting our enrollment numbers to double to over 250  players and by 2025, we are forecasting 390 players registered in our program each summer. With that being said, the current playing conditions of our home fields (Kerruish Park) and the other  available baseball fields on Cleveland’s southeast side are in serious need of leveling & re-conditioning due to the lack of use over the many years without baseball being played on these fields. When you add  in the unstable weather conditions in Northeast Ohio, the result is many games being cancelled,  rescheduled, or not played at all year after year. 

Our Board of Directors has approved and is proposing to build a state-of-the-art baseball complex with the  help of various funding sources to be completed by 2025/2026 with 4 AstroTurf ballfields (Age  Appropriate) which would avoid the game cancellations we experience, allow our seasons to begin two months earlier which would keep our young adults engaged that much longer during the summer  months, while providing a safe space and proper adequate playing conditions for years to come. Along with the ball fields. we are also looking to construct a two-story modular structure that will  house our field maintenance/team equipment, restrooms, concession stand, indoor batting cages,  weight conditioning, fielding training areas and outdoor fitness zone, but most importantly, this  

structure will give our educational/social resource partners the classroom and activity space they need  to provide their complimentary services for our players and their families, all while enclosed behind a  15-foot-high gated off fenced in area to provide the safety and security needed for everyone.

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