Board of Directors

Wendell H. Fields

Executive Director

League Commissioner

Virgil L. Pittman, Jr.



Kathey Rush-Germany


Bilal S. Akram

Public Relations Director

Chinai M. Zakraksek


Lisa Longino

Grant Manager

Roshia Furnace

Community Development

Advisory Board

Aljay Bettis III

Nate Gray

Mayor Ben Holbert

Desmond Howard

Kathryn Parks

Mayor Brad Sellers

Zach Reed

Player Expectations

                                         What can you expect from playing B Buzz Baseball?

Each player will have a different experience.  Players and parents who put more effort into our program will get more out of it than those who do not regularly attend practices.  During games we can only teach but so much….practice is where your child will gain the most knowledge of the game.

  1. Quality Instruction:  Our coaches are committed to providing each player with quality instruction every day they attend practice and games.  Fundamentals and overall baseball skills are developed most during practice.

  2. New Friendships:  Many new friendships are formed in B Buzz Baseball, as players come from many different areas of the city.

  3. Through practices and games, players will learn to compete (Tee Ball excluded) on game days and even gain valuable experiences from their failures.  Nobody is perfect at baseball….you strive to do better each time.

  4. Players will improve their physical fitness dramatically if they attend practice regularly as baseball can enhance their overall strength and conditioning.

  5. All players are given the book “Fun at Bat” and are expected to read this book during their spare time at home.  Coaches will go over the various subjects within this book throughout the season during practices. Players are also encouraged to participate in the Cleveland Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. Players will also learn to problem solve, think ahead, and be prepared for every possible baseball situation that may happen during a game and possibly in life.

  6. We feel it should be a lot of fun playing baseball and we want our players to ENJOY their time on the diamond.  They are allowed to have fun, learn and still smile.